From Dusk till Dawn: the Series—Better Than I Was Expecting

From Dusk till Dawn: the Series

Despite cringing at the use of the word “till” instead of the shortening of “until”—’til—I sat down a few nights ago intending to watch just one episode of From Dusk till (cringes) Dawn: the Series. And then I looked up and realized I’d watched the whole season. Here’s why.

1—Anachronistic Storytelling

There are several interweaving plots going on, just as in the original movie, which the series follows and expands upon. I can’t comment on how closely the series follows the movie since I’ve only ever seen the second half. But I can say there’s a lot going on and it’s handled well. Continue reading “From Dusk till Dawn: the Series—Better Than I Was Expecting”

The Librarians—Bookworms Kick Ass

The Librarians

A spin-off of TNT’s three Librarian movies, The Librarians is a fun, mostly light-hearted adventure series. I say mostly, because while there’s no gore or heavy-handed drama here that only serves to make the deep moments stand out. But we’ll start with the fun stuff!

1—Fun Premise

The first couple episodes are spent on the set up, which is nice since there’s a lot to introduce and I hate it when introductions get rushed or flow like molasses. For a series with five main characters, and a sinister cabal as the reoccurring villains, two episodes is perfect. The Serpent Brotherhood start murdering all the people who tried out to the Librarian last time but didn’t make the cut. So our hero, Flynn, along with his new Guardian, goes off to locate and protect the survivors who will later become Librarians-in-training. The succeed in that but fail in preventing the Serpent Brotherhood from returning magic to the world, and loose the Library in the process. So the trainees are working out of the Annex while Flynn tries to bring the Library back from inter-dimensional limbo. Did I mention this is just in the first two episodes? Continue reading “The Librarians—Bookworms Kick Ass”

The Aeronaut’s Windlass—I Stayed Up to 5am to Finish Reading



The Aeronaut’s Windlass

The first book in Jim Butcher’s new Cinder Spires series is everything I could hope of High Fantasy Steampunk. A new world to explore full of cultures, politics, airships, mystery, intrigue, war…if it seems like I’m gushing, I am, and will continue to do so. I got utterly lost inside this book and it was fantastic. This is what I crave from a book, to forget I’m holding a book at all.

1—A World Without Infodumps

Building a world is hard work. Effectively communicating that world to others is even harder, but Butcher does so seem-lessly—as only a master of craft can make such difficult work seem effortless. (Please forgive my terrible pun, I’m writing that at 5am—as noted in the title—after a long day on five hours sleep. I promise no such terrible puns mar the book I’m writing about.)

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Snow White and the Huntsman — An OK Movie That was Almost Great

Snow White and the Huntsman

This was a pretty good movie with lots of cool things in it but it left me disappointed because it was so close to being a great movie. It’s hard to pin down exactly what needed to be done to push it over. Lots of little things rather than any one big thing. I feel like Snow White and the Hunstman was trying to be Lord of the Rings, an epic instead of a fairytale. But I’d still watch it again, if only for the idea fodder.

1—The Evil Queen is A Large Ham

This is not actually a complaint. I like over the top villains. They’re just so much fun. And the special effects are set to match—beautiful, all of them. From the fractal knights to Ravenna turning into a flock of crows and then them all crashing to the floor in this big puddle of tar she has to pull herself out of. And don’t get me started on the Queen’s costumes. Bird skulls have never looked so fashionable.

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Killjoys — SyFy’s Greatest Scifi Show Yet

The Killjoys

The first season of Killjoys ended a month ago and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Most shows take a few episodes to find their footing but Killjoys runs full tilt from scene one. This show achieves the perfect trifecta—plotting, character, and world. We’ll start with that last one.

1—A Fully Realized World and its Moons

I cannot say enough about the world-building in Killjoys. We get plopped down right into the middle of the Quad, with it’s class distinctions, complex politics, intriguing religion, and the RAC and its eponymous Killjoys right in the middle of it. There’s no info-dumping or stops to explain, we just get swept along with the pieces and players in their intricate dance. There’s a tapestry of history we only catch teasing glimpses of but it’s never so little as to leave the audience feeling lost—at least I wasn’t, but I’m used to picking things up from context. And that context surrounds the stories and characters of Killjoys. Continue reading “Killjoys — SyFy’s Greatest Scifi Show Yet”