Snow White and the Huntsman — An OK Movie That was Almost Great

Snow White and the Huntsman

This was a pretty good movie with lots of cool things in it but it left me disappointed because it was so close to being a great movie. It’s hard to pin down exactly what needed to be done to push it over. Lots of little things rather than any one big thing. I feel like Snow White and the Hunstman was trying to be Lord of the Rings, an epic instead of a fairytale. But I’d still watch it again, if only for the idea fodder.

1—The Evil Queen is A Large Ham

This is not actually a complaint. I like over the top villains. They’re just so much fun. And the special effects are set to match—beautiful, all of them. From the fractal knights to Ravenna turning into a flock of crows and then them all crashing to the floor in this big puddle of tar she has to pull herself out of. And don’t get me started on the Queen’s costumes. Bird skulls have never looked so fashionable.

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