The Un-Book Reporter on Video

So these Youtube videos are an experiment. They contain my musings and thoughts on stories, and maybe some observations that aren’t long enough or organized enough for a formal post. We’ll see how they do and maybe I’ll do more.

How to Save Your Sanity from the Christmas Season

Why Stories Matter

2 thoughts on “The Un-Book Reporter on Video

  1. Wow, Kim, I love your site! I think you have done quite an awesome job in documenting about these books and stories. Your view on the different ones is very unique and in so much detail…. I am super impressed! I also liked how you incorporated the videos in this particular week’s post. Excellent work!
    P.S: should I assume you are not a fan of the holidays? 😉


    1. I love the holidays, it’s just that the media on hand tends toward the saccharine at this time of year. After a while, I just need something else to cleanse the mental pallet. I may do a post on a Christmas movie later, now that I’ve got the idea. Thanks!


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