The Adventures of Tintin—Action Crammed

the Adventures of Tintin
The Adventures of Tintin

A fast paced computer animated adventure movie, I have mixed feelings about The Adventures of Tinin. It’s another one those “almost”s, but this time I know exactly what it needed—some freaking breathing room.

1—Nonstop Action is Confusing

The pace starts nicely, showing off the animation effects: the details of the outdoor market and its wares—particularly the set of multiple mirrors we get our first looks at Tintin’s face in. We meet a pair of bumbling detectives, a mysterious American Agent, and our villain. Things speed up and that’s fine, except they never slow back down. The Adventures of Tintin hits ramming speed not even a forth of the way in and just never stops, plowing right through the audience’s consciousness and leaving a wreckage of numbness in its wake. Continue reading “The Adventures of Tintin—Action Crammed”