The Muppet Christmas Carol—the Best Rendition of the Classic Dickens Classic

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Ok, so this isn’t a new movie to me, it’s a childhood favorite. But I did just see again for the first time in years and am pleased by how well The Muppet Christmas Carol holds up (there are so, so many movies best left in undisturbed, nostalgia-filtered memory). And while I haven’t seen all that many versions of A Christmas Carol, I will still lay money that the Muppet version is the best. Here’s why.

1—Gonzo the Great is Charles Dickens

How often do you get to have the narrator interacting with the movie? And have it benefit the story? Now, I admit to being biased—Gonzo was always one of my two favorite Muppets (the other is Miss Piggy). But I still say the pipe-nosed weirdo is a fantastic Charles Dickens. And having Rizzo the Rat as his skeptical sidekick is delicious frosting on the fuzzy blue cake. There’s so many great little moments that there’s really no way to describe how much fun these two are without taking up the rest of the post. So I’ll just segue into my next point. Continue reading “The Muppet Christmas Carol—the Best Rendition of the Classic Dickens Classic”