Bepuzzled Jigsaw Puzzle Mysteries—My Family New Year Tradition

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The Bepuzzled Logo

Ok, so this will be a short post as I’m still recovering from Christmas. One of the things my family does every year is start a jigsaw puzzle on or after Christmas and try to finish it before midnight on New Year’s. Well, a few years ago—seven, maybe?—my mom and I found a puzzle that was also a little mystery story. By solving the puzzle, you get the clues you need to solve the mystery. It seemed like fun, and was—so much so that these mystery puzzles replaced regular ones as our New Year’s tradition.

The company that makes the ones we’ve like most—and each short story does vary in quality—are made by Bepuzzled. Like I said, they’re fun. There are also puzzles that are done as a full on dinner party, with roles for the guests to play, but we’ve never done those—too much trouble. But we’ve enjoyed the mystery puzzles we’ve done, and I always read the story aloud, complete with voices. Here’s some of the puzzled we’ve played.