Downfall: A Cal Leandros Novel—Goddam Satisfying

the cover of Downfall by Rob Thurman
Downfall by Rob Thurman

I finished Downfall more than a week ago then had to go back and reread the whole series. I feel like cackling maniacally. The Cal Leandros Novles are such goddam fun. Gory, gruesome, bloody in the best ways, the Cal Leandros books are told from the first person perspective of the eponymous protagonist (as well as some others, but I’ll get to that) as he and his brother Niko try to make a living among the monsters in NYC. Urban fantasy doesn’t get much better and I’ve loved every minute following Cal on his descent into monsterdom.

1—Come Full Circle

Downfall sees a lot of elements from the first book, Nightlife, come full circle. The Auphe—the originals monsters, slaughter made flesh—and the Bae, their second coming. Cal’s monster side coming out to play, first through Darkling possession, now through possession by his own genetics. And of course, all the old friends we meet again. Continue reading “Downfall: A Cal Leandros Novel—Goddam Satisfying”