A Madness of Angels—Entrancing Urban Magic

A Madness of Angels, a Matthew Swift novel, by Kate Griffin
A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin

You may notice a similarity with the title of last week’s book. What can I say? I was in a particular mood—dark urban fantasy. But A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin (pseudonym of Catherine Webb, pseudonym of Claire North) is a very different book, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring those differences.

1—Life is Magic

These words are the motif of the book, the heart of both its magical system and of its theme. Life is magic, and all magic comes from life. And because the life in and of a city has a particular flavor, so to does its magic. Our hero (heroes?—I’ll get to that) is an urban sorcerer; his magic is instinctual and comes from, as he says several times, his point of view. They see the wonder of the city—London, if you were wondering which one—all around them and in everything of it. They even create a barrier spell by reciting the rules and regulations of a train station. Continue reading “A Madness of Angels—Entrancing Urban Magic”