Star Wars: The Force Awakens—A New Beginning for an Old Universe

poster of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s been a year since I bothered going to see a movie in a theater but I kept hearing good things about The Force Awakens. Yesterday, I finally managed to see it and I’m glad I kept trying. The Force awakens was a fun movie and a solid story, or rather a solid beginning as this is very much the first part of a longer tale. But I expected that going in—this is Star Wars, after all. Trilogies are kind of their thing.

1—Worlds of Wonder

This movie is beautiful. There is such a sense of space and grandness in the scenery. Of the vastness of the wrecked starship and the greater vastness of the desert. Of the lushness of Takodana, and Rey’s awe of this green and wondrous planet, so different from her own barren homeworld. Even the corridors and bays of the ships are beautiful, in their way. Hell, even the Rathtars Han is transporting—balls of teeth and tentacles and death—are beautiful in a grotesque, hand-down-the-sink-disposal way. …don’t ask me how that’s beautiful, it just is. Continue reading “Star Wars: The Force Awakens—A New Beginning for an Old Universe”