Lucifer Season One—The Devil Went Down to California

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Lucifer Season 1

First off, this is a review of the TV series, not the comic, which I may or may not read someday. It has the same basic premise—the devil gets tired of Hell and moves to L.A. In the tv show, he helps the LAPD, specifically Detective Chloe Decker, solve crimes for shits and giggles.

Also, my mom asked me not to watch the show when she’s in the room because that kind of thing creeps her out, so if you can’t separate your personal religious views on the Devil from the Devil as a character or as an archetype, this is probably not the show for you. If you can, or might be able to, read on.

1—More Good Than Bad

I have mixed feelings about Lucifer, both the character and the show, though most of the mixed feelings do stem from said character. Lucifer is kind of sleazy, almost a slime-ball, but has redeeming qualities. He’s selfish and self-involved but also cares when his mortal friend…sort of…is gunned down in front of him. And while his dislike of children is probably supposed to fall in the negative trait column, I actually like that about him—I don’t know what to do with kids either. Continue reading “Lucifer Season One—The Devil Went Down to California”