The Un-Book Report got a Liebster Award Nomination—It Sounds Like Fun

Liebster Award for the Un-Book Report, 2016
Liebster Award – discover new blogs!

So I got nominated for a Liebster Award by Blogferatu. I had to hide from the shock for a day, and then I actually read Blogferatu’s article on it and did a little research to find out what the Liebster Award is.

There are no judges and no one officially awards you a Liebster—getting nominated is getting it. So the way it works, more or less—as there is no official governing body there are no official rules—is that a blogger who gets nominated thanks the one who nominated them, and answers the eleven questions that blogger asked their nominees. Then the new winner nominates up to eleven other small blogs and asks their own questions.

I’ve already thanked Blogferatu in their comments, but do so again here—thanks Blogferatu! And I’m reposting my answer’s to his questions before going on to my own nominees and questions.

My Answers to Blogferatu’s questions:

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