Night Owls—A Solid Addition to the Urban Fantasy Roster

Night Owls novel by Lauren M. Roy
Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy

Night Owls is an Urban Fantasy novel by Lauren M. Roy. There’s a mystery to solve—for once not a murder—and plenty of gruesome deaths, but nothing in such detail to make me queasy.

1—A Priestess, a Vampire Hunter, and a Grad Student Walk Into a Bookstore

Ok, so Elly’s not exactly a priestess—she would’ve been a Sister of the Brotherhood if Father Value hadn’t taken her and her adoptive brother on the run as children—but “priestess” is much shorter and works into the joke better. And Val doesn’t hunt vampires, she’s a vampire who’s also a Hunter…and also retired. Val own the titular Night Owls bookstore, which she bought after her disastrous last hunt left her a traumatized sole survivor. These two, along with Chaz—Val’s Renfield—are the three POV characters in the book. There are plenty of other interesting characters though. Continue reading “Night Owls—A Solid Addition to the Urban Fantasy Roster”

Wynonna Earp—I Might or Might Not Finish

Wynonna Earp tv show on SyFy
Wynonna Earp on SyFy

Wynonna Earp is a contemporary horror-Western show based on a comic book of the same name. It’s about the surviving descendants of Wyatt Earp and the family curse that compels them to face down the demonic reincarnations of all the people they’ve killed. I’ve gotten about a third through season one but I was on Twitter the whole time, which makes this a “fluff” show for me rather than something I gave my full attention to.

1—Trapped in Purgatory

The world of Wynonna Earp is full of bloody magic. The demons are trapped in a triangle of territory that encompasses the town of Purgatory, and can only be sent back to Hell/Hades (the term used varies) by Wyatt Earp’s gun, Peacemaker. Peacemaker doesn’t need bullets and will only work for The Heir, the oldest Earp descendant. And speaking of Hades, it seems there’ll be a Greek mythology connection eventually. Continue reading “Wynonna Earp—I Might or Might Not Finish”

Howl’s Moving Castle—A Deserved Classic

It’s been a long time since I read Diana Wynne Jones’s YA novel Howl’s Moving Castle, long enough that reading it again was almost like reading it for the first time. I don’t remember what I thought of it that first time, other than that I liked it, but I know I noticed a lot more this time around. So here’s some of what I noticed.

1—A Contradictory Heroine

Sophie Hatter has a unique voice, somehow both whimsical and matter of fact. She’s a contradictory character—stern and commanding, yet withdrawing. One of the most striking things about Sophie is how little she values herself, even while doing extraordinary things. Sophie spends the majority of the book hiding not only in a frumpy grey dress, but in a frumpy old body—she’d been cursed, but perpetuated the curse by her own desire. And yet, when cursed, Sophie uses now being an old woman as an excuse to herself to go get the life she wants. Continue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle—A Deserved Classic”

Some of the Un-Book Reporter’s Favorite Heroines

I find myself drawn to stories of girls and women who are clever and brave, and who make their own path. Likely because I seek and struggle to embody those qualities myself. This will be a short post, as I could go on forever if I don’t limit myself. So here are a handful of my favorite book heroines, in no particular order.

Aly—Daughter of the Lioness

All of the heroines in Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books fit the bill but Alinanne of Pirate’s Swoop most embodies cleverness. Aly is a quintessential guile hero, trained from the cradle in spycraft and chosen by a Trickster god. Said Trickster sweeps Aly off to the Kyprian Isles to be the last piece in a centuries-old game which is about to culminate in bloody rebellion. It isn’t easy to manipulate allies and enemies alike, much less from the position of slave girl, but Aly has her own tricks and games to play. Continue reading “Some of the Un-Book Reporter’s Favorite Heroines”