Wynonna Earp—I Might or Might Not Finish

Wynonna Earp tv show on SyFy
Wynonna Earp on SyFy

Wynonna Earp is a contemporary horror-Western show based on a comic book of the same name. It’s about the surviving descendants of Wyatt Earp and the family curse that compels them to face down the demonic reincarnations of all the people they’ve killed. I’ve gotten about a third through season one but I was on Twitter the whole time, which makes this a “fluff” show for me rather than something I gave my full attention to.

1—Trapped in Purgatory

The world of Wynonna Earp is full of bloody magic. The demons are trapped in a triangle of territory that encompasses the town of Purgatory, and can only be sent back to Hell/Hades (the term used varies) by Wyatt Earp’s gun, Peacemaker. Peacemaker doesn’t need bullets and will only work for The Heir, the oldest Earp descendant. And speaking of Hades, it seems there’ll be a Greek mythology connection eventually. Continue reading “Wynonna Earp—I Might or Might Not Finish”