Night Owls—A Solid Addition to the Urban Fantasy Roster

Night Owls novel by Lauren M. Roy
Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy

Night Owls is an Urban Fantasy novel by Lauren M. Roy. There’s a mystery to solve—for once not a murder—and plenty of gruesome deaths, but nothing in such detail to make me queasy.

1—A Priestess, a Vampire Hunter, and a Grad Student Walk Into a Bookstore

Ok, so Elly’s not exactly a priestess—she would’ve been a Sister of the Brotherhood if Father Value hadn’t taken her and her adoptive brother on the run as children—but “priestess” is much shorter and works into the joke better. And Val doesn’t hunt vampires, she’s a vampire who’s also a Hunter…and also retired. Val own the titular Night Owls bookstore, which she bought after her disastrous last hunt left her a traumatized sole survivor. These two, along with Chaz—Val’s Renfield—are the three POV characters in the book. There are plenty of other interesting characters though. Continue reading “Night Owls—A Solid Addition to the Urban Fantasy Roster”