Alice Through the Looking Glass—Adventure on the High Sea of Time

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie poster
Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a solid adventure, beautiful to look at and fun to watch as Alice travels through time into Underland’s past. The movie can be taken as fluff or something a little deeper, depending on how much you want to think about it.

1—Headstrong and Heartstrong

The whole movie is driven by Alice, by her decisions and desires. She wants to save her friend, enough to risk her life and all of Underland—though it’s debatable how much damage she realizes is done by her theft of the Chronosphere, at least at the beginning. But even once she does know, Alice is determined to finish her mission and save her friend the Hatter, who’s gone madder than usual. Though Alice doesn’t save the Mad Hatter’s family, she does learn their fate—as Time suggested, she learns from the past, even though she cannot change it. Continue reading “Alice Through the Looking Glass—Adventure on the High Sea of Time”

Jupiter Ascending—A Comfortable Plateau

Jupiter Ascending movie

Jupiter Ascending is a space opera movie about the genetic reincarnation of the galactic Empress-CEO and all the trouble that this causes, both for the titular Jupiter and for her previous incarnation’s children.

1—A Damsel with Agency

Jupiter presents an interesting dichotomy in that she manages to both get damseled a lot and still maintain agency. Jupiter’s decisions and actions have impact on the story, they matter—she’s not just a plot device being tossed from one situation to the next. She also spends a good portion of the movie falling to her death and needing rescue. Not Jupiter’s fault—no one expects space aliens to start fighting over them and kidnap them. And in the last fall, Jup catches herself. Continue reading “Jupiter Ascending—A Comfortable Plateau”

Master of None—Damn Good First Outing

Master of None novel by Sonya Bateman
Master of None by Sonya Bateman

Master of None by Sonya Bateman is one of those books I knew I’d be rereading even before I finished it. An urban fantasy told in first person POV, Master of None is Ms Bateman’s first book and I loved it. Here’s why.

1—It’s All About Character

The characters are what make or break a story for me and I fell in love with most of Master of None’s as soon as I met them. Gavyn, our narrator, the world’s unluckiest thief. Jazz, his acerbic getaway-driver ex. Ian—Gahiji’an—the even more acerbic djinn who turns out to be a distant ancestor of Gavyn’s. They’re all great fun to watch argue. Then there’s Tory and Lark, the djinn and mortal lovers, who also spend a good amount of time arguing with Gavyn. Basically the only people who don’t argue with Gavyn are trying to kill him instead. Which brings us to the villains, Trevor and Lenka, both nasty pieces of work—a torturer and a genocidal maniac, respectively.  Continue reading “Master of None—Damn Good First Outing”

Meow if it’s Murder—Fluffy Fun

Meow if it's Murder novel by T. C. LoTempio
Meow if it’s Murder by T. C. LoTempio

The first in the Nick & Nora Mystery series, Meow if it’s Murder is a cozy murder mystery by T. C. LoTempio told in first person (excepting the prologue). Nora Charles—whose parents were big fans of The Thin Man, a classic mystery series—gets adopted by an unusually intelligent tuxedo cat who belonged to a now-missing PI. Nora’s best friend Chantal names the cat Nick and the name sticks. And together, Nora and Nick start investigating the missing PI’s last case.

1—The Cat is Magic

Or a disguised alien, for those of a more sci-fi bent of mind. But between Chantal’s claims to be psychic and her Tarot card readings, the setting feels to me like it supports a more magical explanation. This isn’t a fantasy series though—at most, Nick’s abilities fall into the maybe-magic-maybe-mundane trope. But I don’t buy the mundane aspect. That cat is far too human-like intelligent, so I’m calling it magic. That’s ok for me though, I’m willing to buy into the book’s central conceit, however unlikely in “real” life it would be. Continue reading “Meow if it’s Murder—Fluffy Fun”