Meow if it’s Murder—Fluffy Fun

Meow if it's Murder novel by T. C. LoTempio
Meow if it’s Murder by T. C. LoTempio

The first in the Nick & Nora Mystery series, Meow if it’s Murder is a cozy murder mystery by T. C. LoTempio told in first person (excepting the prologue). Nora Charles—whose parents were big fans of The Thin Man, a classic mystery series—gets adopted by an unusually intelligent tuxedo cat who belonged to a now-missing PI. Nora’s best friend Chantal names the cat Nick and the name sticks. And together, Nora and Nick start investigating the missing PI’s last case.

1—The Cat is Magic

Or a disguised alien, for those of a more sci-fi bent of mind. But between Chantal’s claims to be psychic and her Tarot card readings, the setting feels to me like it supports a more magical explanation. This isn’t a fantasy series though—at most, Nick’s abilities fall into the maybe-magic-maybe-mundane trope. But I don’t buy the mundane aspect. That cat is far too human-like intelligent, so I’m calling it magic. That’s ok for me though, I’m willing to buy into the book’s central conceit, however unlikely in “real” life it would be. Continue reading “Meow if it’s Murder—Fluffy Fun”