Master of None—Damn Good First Outing

Master of None novel by Sonya Bateman
Master of None by Sonya Bateman

Master of None by Sonya Bateman is one of those books I knew I’d be rereading even before I finished it. An urban fantasy told in first person POV, Master of None is Ms Bateman’s first book and I loved it. Here’s why.

1—It’s All About Character

The characters are what make or break a story for me and I fell in love with most of Master of None’s as soon as I met them. Gavyn, our narrator, the world’s unluckiest thief. Jazz, his acerbic getaway-driver ex. Ian—Gahiji’an—the even more acerbic djinn who turns out to be a distant ancestor of Gavyn’s. They’re all great fun to watch argue. Then there’s Tory and Lark, the djinn and mortal lovers, who also spend a good amount of time arguing with Gavyn. Basically the only people who don’t argue with Gavyn are trying to kill him instead. Which brings us to the villains, Trevor and Lenka, both nasty pieces of work—a torturer and a genocidal maniac, respectively.  Continue reading “Master of None—Damn Good First Outing”