Imprudence—The Spotted Custard Returns

Imprudence by Gail Carriger book cover
Imprudence by Gail Carriger

Imprudence, the second outing of The Custard Protocol series by Gail Carriger, is a fun supernatural steampunk adventure with a dash of romance. I love Ms Carrger’s turns of phrase and wit as well as her plotting, and I was not disappointed by this latest novel.

1—The Adventure

We are again following Rue and her crew, this time to Egypt. Rue (short for Prudence, which is also the title of the first book) needs to transport her parents there, into the zone of effect of the God-breaker Plague before her father, a werewolf, goes mad from Alpha’s curse. Of course that isn’t the only complication. Rue’s navigator and head engineer are in a academic snit—a snit which naturally leads to fisticuffs—over who published what discovery without crediting the other. And of course there’s the attacks of unknown source on Rue’s ship. And did I forget to mention the quest to find a lost pride of werelionesses? Continue reading “Imprudence—The Spotted Custard Returns”