Clean—Telepaths and Killers

Clean by Alex Hughes book cover
Clean by Alex Hughes

Clean, the first Mindspace Investigations novel by Alex Hughes, is a science fiction mystery set in the near-ish future. It’s told from the first person perspective of a disgraced telepathic addict who works for the DeKalb County Police as a consultant and interrogator. In return, they make sure he stays clean.

1—Urban Fantasy Done Scifi

Clean has a lot of what attracts me to Urban Fantasy books—the powerful but broken hero, the central mystery with dire consequences and bodies piling up, and the exploration of a world both like and unlike our own. But whereas Urban Fantasy has vampires and werewolves and other creatures that go bump in the night, Clean has psychics. There’s teleporters, telepaths and more, and a Guild that rules over them—and that, in this case, isn’t doing enough to police their own. Continue reading “Clean—Telepaths and Killers”

Royal Flush—Cozy Mystery Fun in Scotland

Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen book cover
Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen

Another in the Royal Spyness mystery series by Rhys Bowen. This time Georgie travel from 1930s London to Scotland, where the royal family seems to be under attack from one of their own set. So Georgie ends up talked into spying for Scotland Yard.

1—A Crowded Castle

I enjoyed seeing Georgie with her family at Castle Rannoch. Fig in particular, being so unusually glad to see Georgie due to an infestation of unwanted guests. Then there’s to guests themselves—Prince Siegfried, who Goergie’s family want her to marry and whom she thinks of as Fishface; Georgie’s non-royal cousins Lachan and Murdoch, boisterous jokesters; and the infamous Mrs. Simpson and her crowd of Americans. Continue reading “Royal Flush—Cozy Mystery Fun in Scotland”

A Royal Pain—More Cozy Mystery Fun

A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen book cover
A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen

A Royal Pain is the second in the Royal Spyness Mystery series (the first of which I reviewed previously) by Rhys Bowen. We’re back with Georgie—Lady Georgiana Rannoch—in 1930s London as she hosts a troublesome visiting princess.

1—Faster Setup

There’s less setup this time, as less is needed—how Georgie ended up alone in Rannoch house and working secretly as a maid just needs to be mentioned, not fully written out as in the first book. So the first body shows up at the one-third mark instead of halfway through. The plot seems to meander a bit mostly because it takes Georgie so long to start connecting events, and even then she’s reluctant to suspect the princess or others of her “set”. Which brings me to my next point. Continue reading “A Royal Pain—More Cozy Mystery Fun”

Killjoys Season Two—Still Excellent

Killjoys Season 2
Killjoys Season 2

Killjoys is a gritty scifi adventure series on SyFy channel. Everything I said about season one still holds true—the characters, plot, and world are all richly developed.

1—Deadly Politics

After the bombing of Old Town and subsequent wall around it is put up, Pawter leaves her practice as doctor for Q’resh to take her place among the Nine to try to use that influence to get the wall taken down. I’d have loved to see Pawter grow into that role, as well as come to term with what she had to do to get the wall down. I understand her death was used to destroy the hope spot in the penultimate episode but that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed she’s dead.

Beyond that, we see more company scheming, and finally learn what Kleyn’s is really up to. And of course with Seyah Kendry around, nothing is quite what it seems. Continue reading “Killjoys Season Two—Still Excellent”

Harsh Gods—More Shadowside Fun

Harsh Gods: A Novel of the Shadowside by Michelle Belanger
Harsh Gods by Michelle Belanger

Harsh Gods by Michelle Belanger is the sequel to Conspiracy of Angels. An Urban Fantasy told in first person by Anakim angel Zaquiel—mortal name Zachary Westland—as he tries to save an autistic girl from possession by something she calls the Whisper Man.

1—Angel Still Unaware

Zack’s lost memories continue to be a problem but Father Frank, the priest who called Zack in for the exorcism, knows Zack’s real name, as well as having a more intimate link to Zack and his past life. Beyond that, Zack is still tormented by the flashes of memory that surround the missing events—scents and sounds, vague impressions that flee as soon as he tries to grab them. It’s understandable Zack is depressed. But it’s fun watching Zack interact with strangers who know him.

Beyond that though, Zach is realizing he may not like the person he used to be. He has instincts and thoughts that sicken and terrify him, most of them violent. But some of them have been acquired through his still-active connection to the Eye of Nefer-Ka, the magical artifact that gutted his memory. Continue reading “Harsh Gods—More Shadowside Fun”