Killjoys Season Two—Still Excellent

Killjoys Season 2
Killjoys Season 2

Killjoys is a gritty scifi adventure series on SyFy channel. Everything I said about season one still holds true—the characters, plot, and world are all richly developed.

1—Deadly Politics

After the bombing of Old Town and subsequent wall around it is put up, Pawter leaves her practice as doctor for Q’resh to take her place among the Nine to try to use that influence to get the wall taken down. I’d have loved to see Pawter grow into that role, as well as come to term with what she had to do to get the wall down. I understand her death was used to destroy the hope spot in the penultimate episode but that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed she’s dead.

Beyond that, we see more company scheming, and finally learn what Kleyn’s is really up to. And of course with Seyah Kendry around, nothing is quite what it seems.

2—A Proper Season Ending

It feels like seasons one and two of Killjoys are one long arc. Season one was the set up and season two the payoff. I like that we finally find out what’s going on, mysteries and master plans revealed. Both heroes and villains die. There is a victory at the end instead of a cliffhanger. There’s still a hook for the next season of course, but if I were reading a book series, season two’s end would be an acceptable end to a novel. (I believe I’ve mentioned before how much I hate the cliffhanger endings of most tv shows.) And the Big Bad is finally revealed.


I enjoyed season two of Killjoys. If you liked the first season, the second season lives up it.

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