Royal Flush—Cozy Mystery Fun in Scotland

Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen book cover
Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen

Another in the Royal Spyness mystery series by Rhys Bowen. This time Georgie travel from 1930s London to Scotland, where the royal family seems to be under attack from one of their own set. So Georgie ends up talked into spying for Scotland Yard.

1—A Crowded Castle

I enjoyed seeing Georgie with her family at Castle Rannoch. Fig in particular, being so unusually glad to see Georgie due to an infestation of unwanted guests. Then there’s to guests themselves—Prince Siegfried, who Goergie’s family want her to marry and whom she thinks of as Fishface; Georgie’s non-royal cousins Lachan and Murdoch, boisterous jokesters; and the infamous Mrs. Simpson and her crowd of Americans.

2—Three Murders Again

Maybe it’s because I read the two books back to back, but I noticed that A Royal Pain and Royal Flush both have three turning points marked by a dead body. There are other ways to up the stakes, and so long as the next book doesn’t have exactly three corpses, then I’ll fine with it. I know these kinds of books fall into a pattern but I prefer it not be so obvious. My sister, whose ahead of me in the series, assures me there isn’t three murders in every book though.

That said, Ms Bowen does have plenty of tense moments that don’t result in or come from a corpse. I did guess the murderer ahead of the reveal but not the motive.


I enjoyed Royal Flush. Darcy shows up more in this book than in the last and his and Georgie’s romance finally makes some progress by the end of it. I love the entertainingly English names, such as Hugo Beasley-Bottome. And series is just generally a fun one. The first book is still my favorite in the series but this was good too.

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