Codex Born—Magic Runs Amok

Codex Born by Jim C. Hines book cover
Codex Born by Jim C. Hines

Codex Born, by Jim C. Hines, is the second in the Magic Ex Libris series. Libriomancy, the primary magic in the book, is still thrilling. What reader doesn’t love the idea of being able to reach into a book a pull something out?

1—Fast Paced

The plot kicks off quickly and doesn’t let up. We get to see Isaac in a little bit of downtime but not much before he’s whisked off to investigate the murder of a wendigo. This in turn leads to a madman with an army of nigh-unstoppable metal bugs and a secret society that’s been hiding from the Porters for centuries. Continue reading “Codex Born—Magic Runs Amok”

In Shining Armor—In Which Someone Pisses John Off Worse Than Usual

In Shining Armor by Elliott James book cover
In Shining Armor by Elliott James

The fourth in the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James, In Shining Armor follows werewolf and sort-of-ex-knight John Charming as he tries to rescue his goddaughter Constance.

1—The Worldbuilding Continues

We delve deeper into the politics, particularly inter-Templar politics, and the politics between the Round Table—John’s werewolf pack—and the Templars. And of course as the person these two worlds intersect in, a lot of the pressure falls on John to fix things before they blow up. Continue reading “In Shining Armor—In Which Someone Pisses John Off Worse Than Usual”

Fearless—Supernatural Fight Night

Fearless by Elliott James book cover
Fearless by Elliott James

Fearless is the third in the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James and it holds up well. This time John Charming, former Knight Templar and current werewolf, is trying to rescue a psychic boy from being sacrificed by his grandfather, a powerful cunning man with designs on godhood.

1—A Plethora of Supernatural Creatures

Previous Pax Arcana books have focused more tightly on a small number of supernatural creatures. But with more than half the book centering around an underground fight club we get to meet all kinds of creatures—a siren, an aswang, a jinn, and all kinds of Japanese monsters like a kitsune, and animated skeletons, and an oni, and a woman with living hair. Continue reading “Fearless—Supernatural Fight Night”

Daring—This Time It’s Werewolves

Daring by Elliott James book cover
Daring by Elliott James

The sequel to Charming, Daring, by Elliott James, continues the adventures of John Charming, former knight and current werewolf. This time the Knights Templar have tracked John down to make him an offer—infiltrate a massing group of werewolves and kill their leader, or the knights will kill everyone John came to care for in the last book. Continue reading “Daring—This Time It’s Werewolves”