Daring—This Time It’s Werewolves

Daring by Elliott James book cover
Daring by Elliott James

The sequel to Charming, Daring, by Elliott James, continues the adventures of John Charming, former knight and current werewolf. This time the Knights Templar have tracked John down to make him an offer—infiltrate a massing group of werewolves and kill their leader, or the knights will kill everyone John came to care for in the last book.

1—Creature Feature

The worldbuilding continues to be well done, with several new supernatural creatures introduced. In addition to learning more about werewolves, we also meet a bakaak, an undead Native American hunter with invisible flesh that makes it look like a walking skeleton; and Baba Yaga, a trio of Russian witches from pre-Christian traditions. We also get to meet the head of the Knights Templar, who is a magnificent bastard despite minimal page time. Between them all there’s no shortage of bad guys, and plenty of guys who fall into a gray area.

2—Twists and Turns

I was surprised by several of the turns the plot took in this book. First that John actually joined the werewolves—I’ll leave the rest to be discovered. We do get to see one of John’s worst nightmares come true though, and there’s betrayal aplenty. And maiming, lots of maiming.


I finished this book in two days too.  A good sequel to the first book. I can’t wait to dig into the next one.

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