Fearless—Supernatural Fight Night

Fearless by Elliott James book cover
Fearless by Elliott James

Fearless is the third in the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James and it holds up well. This time John Charming, former Knight Templar and current werewolf, is trying to rescue a psychic boy from being sacrificed by his grandfather, a powerful cunning man with designs on godhood.

1—A Plethora of Supernatural Creatures

Previous Pax Arcana books have focused more tightly on a small number of supernatural creatures. But with more than half the book centering around an underground fight club we get to meet all kinds of creatures—a siren, an aswang, a jinn, and all kinds of Japanese monsters like a kitsune, and animated skeletons, and an oni, and a woman with living hair.

2—Getting the Gang Back Together

We also get back with Sig and Molly and Choo and Cahill. Cahill is going through a mid-life crisis—that is, he’s stuck halfway between alive and undead. Cahill is now a dhampir and trying to get a handle on his new supernatural life. Meanwhile Sig can’t decide if she’s angry at Cahill for mind raping her (possibly unintentionally—Fearless is told in John’s first person so we’re never directly in Cahill’s head to find out) or feeling guilty because she’s the one who got him involved with the supernatural in the first place. Choo is edgy and trying to get back with his ex-wife. Molly is still Molly and Parth is still Parth.

We also meet another acquaintance from John’s past, a cunning woman and baker named Sarah White. She’s not too happy with all the violence John is bringing into her life—again—but she’s determined to help.


Another one finished in two days. The Pax Arcana series is going on my list of favorites.

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