Sharp—Mental Monsters

Sharp by Alex Hughes book cover
Sharp by Alex Hughes

Sharp, by Alex Hughes, is the second in the Mindspace Investigations series. This time sees Adam investigating the murder of an old student of his who’s mind he’d burned out while high.

1—Playing With Power

Adam is a curious mix of powerful and powerless. He’s a level eight telepath but with little control over his life and even less over his addiction. He’s self-destructive and hanging onto a scrap of self-worth by his fingertips. Fortunately, Adam doesn’t whine very much, especially as this book is told from his first person point of view.


Ms Hughes really knows how to keep piling on the tension and not let up even at the end. It was a good ending though. The tension just keeps ratcheting up, both on Adam and the reader. This is not a light-hearted or feel-good book, and it’s not really a thriller either. It’s a futuristic detective story.

It’s also very personal for Adam as much of the tension comes from his personal life. He knew the victim, was responsible for burning out her telepathic abilities while high—this all before the Guild threw him out and he came to work for the cops. On top of this, Adam’s NA sponsor has a massive heart attack.


I loved the book and can’t wait to pick up the next one.

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