Books I Didn’t Finish

It’s unusual for me to not finish a book, unheard of to not finish three in a row, so I thought I’d share why.

All of the books are told from first person perspective.

1—The Scent of Shadows

The first in the Sign of the Zodiac series, The Scent of Shadows is by Vicki Pettersson. I got about a quarter of the way through this book. The premise is that there are superhuman guardians of humanity called the Zodiac, who face off against their evil counterparts. Joanna Archer finds out she’s one of these Zodiac when a counterpart tries to kill her. The “scent” in the title refers to how they can smell each other, pheromones or something. And Joanna herself is the daughter of the previous Archer of the Zodiac and the leader of their counterparts.

The premise was interesting but I bonded with Joanna’s sister Olivia more than Joanna, and since Olivia bites it early on, I lost interest.

2—Tempest Rising

I made it about halfway through this book by Nicole Peeler. Jane discovers that she’s half selkie, a magical seal creature, when the other magical beings in her small Maine town decide it’s time she knew her heritage. Jane can’t turn into a seal but she still has powerful water elemental magic and goes swimming naked in the freezing water every night. She has a tragic past, is the town outcast with only a few friends, and finds a murdered man while out on one of her nightly swims. From there a vampire named Ryu comes to investigate the death and they become lovers.

The book is on the fluffy side and I found it amusing for a while but then I got bored of it.

3—Dead on the Delta

This book by Stacey Jay started out promising with the main character Annabelle Lee being sent to the crime scene of a murdered little girl. Annabelle is one of the few people immune to the bite of mutated fairies and thus can safely leave the iron surrounded town.

I made it a quarter through this one too but when Annabelle’s ex shows up a lot of her descriptions turn toward sex and I found myself skimming large sections of text.


All of these books had interesting premises, I just didn’t connect to the main characters. Your mileage may vary, so if any of this sounds interesting give the books a try.

One thought on “Books I Didn’t Finish

  1. It used to bother me if I was reading a book that I didn’t enjoy. I felt I had to finish it No Matter What. Then, a few years ago, I said, “Life is too short.”

    So I agree with you – if you’re not connecting with the main character, don’t waste your time. As you know, there are many, MANY great books to read. 🙂

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