Grave Matters—Back With the Night Owls Crew

Grave Matters by Lauren M. Roy book cover
Grave Matters by Lauren M. Roy

Grave Matters, by Lauren M. Roy, is the sequel to Night Owls. An urban fantasy set in and around Boston, this book focuses on vampires and a necromancer.

1—Vampire Turf War

The Boston vampires, lead by Ivanov, are being threatened by a new upstart, the Oisin, a group of young Irish vampires. As Elly works for Ivanov, she ends up right in the middle of things. This is especially problematic as she suspects the groups are being deliberately played off one another by the necromancer who’s been raising ghosts and ghouls all over her new home town of Crow’s Neck. Continue reading “Grave Matters—Back With the Night Owls Crew”