Grave Matters—Back With the Night Owls Crew

Grave Matters by Lauren M. Roy book cover
Grave Matters by Lauren M. Roy

Grave Matters, by Lauren M. Roy, is the sequel to Night Owls. An urban fantasy set in and around Boston, this book focuses on vampires and a necromancer.

1—Vampire Turf War

The Boston vampires, lead by Ivanov, are being threatened by a new upstart, the Oisin, a group of young Irish vampires. As Elly works for Ivanov, she ends up right in the middle of things. This is especially problematic as she suspects the groups are being deliberately played off one another by the necromancer who’s been raising ghosts and ghouls all over her new home town of Crow’s Neck.

2—A New Point of View

The narrative switches off between POVs fairly often but I never felt lost. Cavale’s POV now joins the ranks with Elly, Val, and Chaz. I liked his perspective as he’s the one of the group who works the most magic.

Elly has a new view of life too, now that she’s living with her brother Cavale and actually staying in one place. It’s scary and she’s always poised to run, unable to fully trust in the new friendships she’s built. But she has a point that the others think of her a little bit as someone they need to treat with kid gloves. Except for Justin, whom Elly has trouble realizing she has romantic feelings for as romantic feelings at all are new to her.


I liked the book, it was entertaining and drew me in. Again, though the main story lines are resolved, there’s plenty of hooks for the next book. If you enjoyed Night Owls, you should enjoy Grave Matters too.

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