Burn Notice—Part Two—Things Get Dark

Burn Notice
Burn Notice

So I finally got around to watching the rest of this action-filled spy thriller series and despite a turn for the darker, I’m glad I did. This review is of seasons five through seven.

1—Frigging Anson

Anson is a walking spoiler so if you’d rather avoid, I skip to the next section. I entirely blame Anson for it taking me so long to finish the series. I just don’t enjoy watching him. Which isn’t to say the actor playing Anson isn’t superb or that the scenes/episodes with him in them aren’t good. I just really hate Anson. He’s the most manipulative son of a bitch in the series and Karma Houdini right up until his death, which you could still argue is too good for him. The stuff that bastard puts Mike through…

2—A Turn For the Darker

Man, the last two seasons of Burn Notice get dark. Fiona goes to jail, Michael looses his freaking mind several times and very nearly his soul, and major characters die. There are fewer and fewer clients of the week, until in season seven there are none—the whole season is dedicated to Michael’s undercover mission. I think there aren’t any more subtitles in season seven either, largely because Mike looses most of his sense of humor after one of the characters dies (I won’t say which).


I’m glad Burn Notice got a proper ending, it deserved it. And though it was hard going emotionally to watch sometimes, I enjoyed it. And it did have as happy an ending as could be, given everything that happened. The last episode also had some satisfying callbacks to the first. I recommend the series.

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