Magic Bites—Not Quite Dystopian

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews book cover
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews is an urban fantasy, the first in the Kate Daniels series. It follows, who else, Kate Daniels as she searches for the murderer of her mentor.

1—Brave New Magical World

Magic Bites takes place in a magic ravaged Atlanta. The skyscrapers have fallen, knocked down by demons or “eaten” by the magic itself. You’d think it would be a dystopian hellscape—and Unicorn Lane is—but by and large people seem to get on as normal. They’ve adapted. There’s a paranormal division of the police, a mercenary’s guild to which Kate belongs, an order of knights, and various supernatural political entities.

Then there’s Kate herself, whose magic remains mysterious, part of the larger hook for the series. Something to do with her biological father and burning any of her own blood that gets spilled, which can be an issue for a mercenary.

2—Plots Afoot

Kate isn’t much of an investigator, as she herself admits. Her strategy is, annoy people until someone tries to kill her. It works. But there’s something far more sinister going on, involving murders of shapeshifters, kidnapped women, and mutilated vampire corpses. The book doesn’t skimp on the horror.

That order of knights I mentioned also has its own agenda, as do the People, a collective of necromancers.


I liked the book, and I liked that romance didn’t dominate it and there were no sex scenes. I’ll probably pick up the next one at some point.

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