Black City Saint—Saint George Is the Dragon

Black City Saint by Richard A. Knaak book cover
Black City Saint by Richard A. Knaak

I’ve mentioned before that I have thing for Prohibition era supernatural stories. Black City Saint, by Richard A. Knaak, is told from the first person point-of-view of Nick Medea—aka Saint George—as he battles Oberon for the fate of both Feirie and the mortal worlds.

1—Saint George

Or Nick as he prefers to be called, was bound to the dragon he killed. Said dragon, who goes by “Eye”, had been the guardian of the Gate between Feirie and the mortal world. Now Nick is that guardian. He has access, when the dragon allows, to the dragon’s abilities/body parts, such as his eyes which can penetrate magical glamours as well as more mundane darkness. Also claws, and sometimes wings. Though the dragon occasionally snarks at Nick.


The other members of our cast include Fetch, a werewolf stuck in “wolf” form; Claryce, the latest reincarnation of Nick’s old love; Kravayik, a member of the Feirie court converted to Christendom; Diocles, the ghost of the Roman Emperor who had Nick executed; and Detective Cortez, who trusts Nick to a point but also knows there’s a lot Nick isn’t telling him. Not to Mention Her Lady, Titania, who rules the Court after having cast Oberon out.


Nick spends most of the book trying to figure out what Oberon is up to, especially since Oberon is supposed to be dead. He also spends some time trying to figure out what Her Lady is up to, since she won’t just come out and tell him, even though they’re allies in this fight. There are several betrayals. And since I don’t have a particular point to make about the rest of the plot, I’ll leave it be as it would spoil the whole book to talk more about it.


I enjoyed Black City Saint but it wasn’t a couldn’t-put-it-down for me, though that could have been because this is the last week of school and I’m tired. The pacing is good, there’s plenty of action, and all the little details are interesting, so your mileage may vary on that point. I’ll probably pick up the next one.

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