Legend Has It—Reality Ain’t What It Used to Be

Legend Has It by Elliott James book cover
Legend Has It by Elliott James

Legend Has It is the fifth in the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James. This adventure sees John Charming, werewolf and semi-former Knight Templar, chasing after a madman with a reality-warping book.

1—Telling Stories

Despite his use of obfuscating stupidity John doesn’t solve his problems just through brute force. He thinks. And thanks to the use of what is technically one long epistolary to the reader, we get to see his thoughts. John is occasionally an unreliable narrator—true to his smartass nature, he likes to mess with his reader as well as everyone else. 

The other thing is that John always has an interesting way of getting readers up to speed on the world, since it requires a bit of upfront world building in order to understand the story. This time it takes the form of an imagined interview between John and Barbara Walters.

2—The Book of Am

The Book of Am is this adventure’s artifact of doom. Stolen via memorization from the Templar archives and recreated, the Book of Am essentially turns its…reader? User? Into a god. This particular “god” has a thing for tabletop gaming, hence a Maladin, a Bad Seed, Harpy, and various other creatures that used to be normal human beings.

3—Personal Conflicts

We get a new frenemy in this book, Kasia, a dhampir working with the kresniks and the former lover of Sig’s former lover whom John killed. Kasia is there to find out why Stanislav was killed and why Sig is with his killer. Also, she’s there because the kresniks had a psychic vision of something nasty going down and Kasia and Sig were both there.

Then there’s Simon. Simon, a Knight Templar, is still trying to control John and channel him into being “useful” to the Knights. Meanwhile John is trying to keep an eye on Simon and the Templars (sounds like a band, doesn’t it?) for Ben, his pack leader while not getting on the bad side of his geas. Also, John is trying to get Simon and Ben to work together.


I had a lot of fun with Legend Has It, and as always can’t wait for the next in the Pax Arcana series.

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