Crimson Peak—Creepy but Slow

Crimson Peak movie poster
Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak is a gothic romance-horror movie directed by Guillermo del Torro.

1—Ghostly Atmosphere

The ghosts in Crimson Peak were both creepy and gross, being skeletal-muscular and either black or red. The movie builds good atmosphere, especially via the butterflies and conversations. There’s some violence, mostly at the end, and someone gets stabbed in the face. That was sufficiently gross, despite a lack of gore. Most of the gore is in the ghosts themselves.


Crimson Peak gets off to a slow start and I saw most of the twists coming by halfway through the movie. I almost stopped watching but decided to finish to see if I was right. So for me at least, the big reveal wasn’t one, but I know not everyone sees these things coming the way I do.


Despite good acting and atmosphere, and fabulous visuals, I found myself a little bored with Crimson Peak. Still worth seeing if you’re into ghost movies.

One thought on “Crimson Peak—Creepy but Slow

  1. Just watched it – am a big fan of Del Toro – this one was too much of a melodrama – but well done. I wish it had more depth and character – but at the end, I cared what happened, and that’s what’s important. The usual fantastic visuals, of course, I especially loved the scenes in the snow.

    Thanks for your review.

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