Heroine Complex—Learning to Embrace Anger and Power

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn book cover
Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

Heroine Complex is a hilarious and touching story by Sarah Kuhn. Told in first-person perspective, it’s the story of Evie Tanaka, personal assistant to San Francisco’s superhero, Aveda Jupiter. When Aveda gets injured, Evie has to pose as her boss/best friend and disasters ensue.

1—Demon Cupcakes

And kittens, and statues, and celebrities. Little is known about the demons that periodically invade San Francisco, and only San Francisco, except that they imprint on the first thing they see and that they love the taste of human blood. The portals appear at random and leave behind stones with strange writing on them. Nate, the demonologist in team Aveda, collects and tries to decipher them.

2—Evie’s Journey

Evie starts off terrified of her power, and therefor of her own emotions. She’s completely ordered her life so that she never feels intense emotion, especially anger. The longer she has to pose as Aveda though, the more she has to face the emotions she’s cut herself off from. This includes acknowledging that her little sister has grown up.

3—Well Paced

It took me a while to get through this book (depression is a bastard) but it should be a fast read for most others. Evie’s voice is light and fun, the plot moves quickly but not breathlessly. There’s always something happening, usually going wrong, but the story switches it up between the main plot and the various subplots, so I didn’t get burned out on any one thing.


I loved Heroine Complex. I loved that it’s about a woman embracing her anger and using it to save the world. I loved that Evie and Annie/Aveda’s relationship was at the heart of the book. It was fun to read and I’ll be picking up the sequel, Heroine Worship.

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