The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season One—Not Bad

The Doctor Blake Mysteries
The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Available on Netflix, The Doctor Blake Mysteries is a little dark but not gruesome. It follows war veteran Dr Lucien Blake as he returns to his home town of Ballarat in Australia and takes up his father’s practice and his place as police surgeon.

1—Dr Blake

Lucien likes to stir things up. Our introduction to him is when he takes a nude painting into his stuffy men’s club and hangs it above the bar. Taking place in what I think is the ‘50s, Lucien has some rather liberal attitudes that don’t always go down well with his colleagues and fellow townsmen.

2—The Mysteries

The individual mysteries are all solved each episode, though I’m not sure if I’d call them cozy mysteries or not. There’s an overall gloomy atmosphere that makes me say no, but at the same time it follows much of the cozy mystery format—one mystery per episode, nothing too graphic, slightly more focus on solving the mystery than on character development. Though there is good character development, a lot of which is done with subtext. But the mysteries are good.

There is also a running plot line involving whether or not Lucien’s wife and child, who disappeared during the war, are alive or not.


The Doctor Blake Mysteries season one ends on a rather sweet and hopeful note, which is nice since the show can get gloomy at times. Overall, I liked it and will be watching the rest of the available seasons.

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