Castlevania Season One—Just A Beginning

Castlevania season one
Castlevania season one

Castlevania season one is a Netflix original animated series. It’s horror and there is gore but the story so far is intriguing.

1—No, Really, Just A Beginning

At just four episodes long, this season is short. The first episode is taken up with Dracula and why he unleashes demon hoards upon the world. The rest of it is mainly Trevor Belmont coming to terms with what happened to his family and deciding he actually does want to protect people.

2—Good World Building

Despite the short amount of time we get to spend in the world of Castlevania, there’s some good world building going on. Demons, the church, technology vs magic. I’d particularly like to learn more about the Speakers, a nomadic group of oral historians.

3—Lisa Tepes

Lisa Tepes is an interesting mix of tropes. On the one hand, she’s fridged in the first episode. On the other, she ends up a somewhat Christ-like figure, unusual for a female character, in her pleading with Dracula not to take revenge. Not that Dracula is there to hear her. Also, she wants to be a doctor to save people. So though her part is small, I like Lisa.


I hope they make more of this series. Wikipedia says it’s been renewed for another season, which I really hope goes through. I’d love to see the rest of this story.

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