Alien Tango—Business as Unusual

Alien Tango by Gina Koch book cover
Alien Tango by Gina Koch

Alien Tango is the second in Gini Koch’s Alien series (I’ve read but not reviewed the first book, Touched by an Alien—I liked and recommend it). Following the adventures of Katherine “Kitty” Katt and her boyfriend from Alpha Centauri as they deal with threats both terrestrial and extra.

1—Nutjobs Everywhere

After defeating the psychotic head of the Alien Super-Beings in the first book, things seem to be settling down for Kitty and Jeff Martini (the alien boyfriend), which for Kitty means boredom. But then Alpha Team is summoned to Florida to deal with a problem no one will explain to them and things go wrong one after another. There’s an anti-alien conspiracy afoot, something incorporeal has hitched a ride back to Earth with the crew of a top-secret space mission, and Kitty’s garnered a muderous stalker.

2—Martini with a Jealousy Chaser

Martini is definitely the jealous type, and it’s causing some problems. Usually Kitty finds it sexy (don’t ask me why), but it ramps up until things come to a head in the climax of the book. The jealousy bothered me throughout the book, though Martini gets some sense knocked into him at the end so hopefully it won’t be showing up in the next book.

Though I will say that while Martini finally does have reason to be jealous when Chuck, Kitty’s longtime friend, proposes to her, the rest of the time it’s baseless.


Alien Tango is fast paced, lots of action, with problems continually coming up. Kitty handles them mostly by being her usual give-no-fucks self. Though sometimes screaming helps, like when you’re being chased by an alligator. Kitty has good intuition and listens to it, and she thinks problems through, even if her solutions make her coworkers think otherwise. Kitty makes a good protagonist, smart, charming, and crazy like a fox.


There’s explicit sex scenes in Alien Tango, though not too many, so if you’re not into that, know to skim. I enjoyed the book despite my issue with Martini’s jealousy, and I love Kitty. I’ll be reading the rest of the series.

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