Midnight, Texas Season One—Supernatural Fun

Midnight, Texas
Midnight, Texas

Midnight, Texas is a tv series based on a book series by Charlaine Harris. Psychic and conman Manfred is on the run and his dead Aunt suggests he hide out in the titular town.

1—Cast of Characters

Midnight is full of people with secrets and supernatural abilities. There’s vampire Lem and his human lover Olivia the assassin. There’s the Reverend Sheehan who runs the town’s chapel and pet cemetery, who’s a were-tiger. There’s husbands Joe and Chuy, a fallen angel and half-demon respectively. Bobo, another human who runs the pawnshop, and who’s missing fiancé turns up dead and kickstarts a bunch of trouble. And there’s Fiji, a powerful witch who’s in love with Bobo. And of course, now there’s Manfred, who has the lay of the town explained to him by local waitress and love interest Creek.

Each character gets good development over the course of the series. Each of their secrets come to light and pasts get explored. I enjoyed getting to know all the characters in Midnight and watching a bit of growth in some of them, mostly in Manfred.

2—Dual Plot

There are two main plots running through Midnight, Texas. First, there’s the question of who killed Bobo’s fiancé and later other young women. Then there’s the fact that the veil between the mortal world and Hell is fraying in Midnight and Manfred, of all people, is destined to stop it. All this evil energy is also attracting evil creatures and people to Midnight and the Midnighters have to deal with all the trouble lest law enforcement become involved and threaten to reveal their secrets to the world.

I thought both plots were handled well, and the progressions of level of threat to the town happened naturally. Both plots also tied into one another nicely.

3—The End

While I knew the Midnighters would triumph in the end, I didn’t see exactly how coming. I also figured Olivia would survive but not the other two things concerning that happened after. I liked how they set up the next challenge the town will face. It’s different—a new hotel chain is coming to town and bringing all sorts of disruption to the little town of Midnight.


I can’t wait for the next season of Midnight, Texas. It was fun and scary, and I love the world and characters.

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