Lost Girl—I Just Feel Like Something Is Missing

Lost Girl tv series
Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a SyFy show now on Netflix. It’s about Bo, a young succubus of mysterious origins raised as a human who must now contend with the world of the Fae.

1—The Fae

The Fae are a collection of species that live alongside humankind. There are a ton of them, all drawn from mythology (or, in this world, the inspiration for human mythology). There are sirens, werewolves, succubi, kappa, furies, and so many more. They make for an interesting cast of characters, recurring and one-shot.

2—The Heroines

Bo is strong, both physically and personally, yet I can’t help think her goody-two-shoes act makes her kind of an idiot sometimes. There are definitely moments she should have just killed the enemy. I like that Bo is bisexual—we need more bisexual heroes in the world, it just makes things more interesting—but eventually settles down with werewolf and cop Dyson, who then later sacrifices his ability to love her in order to save her life (there’s a whole thing about sacrifices and tradeoffs, see the Blood King). There’s also her interrupted romance with the human scientist Lauren, who belong the the Ash, the lord of the light Fae.

Kenzi, Bo’s human sidekick, is more interesting to me than Bo is. She’s more resourceful and braver (despite an outward show of cowardice), not having Bo’s supernatural strength or healing. It’s Kenzi who suggests they become private investigators to the Fae and humans.


I only got halfway through the second season of Lost Girl. It’s good, it’s just didn’t connect to it emotionally. There are five seasons total and apparently it has an actual ending, so to anyone interested I’d recommend giving it a chance.

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