The Resurrection Game—Family is Bloody Business

The Resurrection Game by Michelle Belanger book cover
The Resurrection Game by Michelle Belanger

The Resurrection Game, by Michelle Belanger, is the third Shadowside novel. An urban Fantasy told in first person perspective, it follows Zack Westland—the mortal name of the Anakim angel Zaquiel—as he battles one of his own brothers bent on revenge for an act Zack doesn’t remember committing.

1—Memory Troubles

Zack’s lack of memory is still getting him in trouble. He’s apparently done something to one of his Anakim brothers named Tashiel that’s set Zuriel on his hellbent quest for vengeance. Zuriel has sworn to destroy Zack’s life, to kill all those close to him. It starts with a woman named Marjory, a woman very important to Zack if for no other reason than she holds some of the keys to his past. Now Zack is looking for Marjory’s daughter and hoping he finds her before Zuriel does.

2—Well Plotted

The Resurrection Game is well written, like the other books in the series. I think I finished it in three days. The pacing is good, fast without being break-neck. There’s always something happening but it’s not so fast it left me confused. Not that there aren’t plenty of mysteries to be sorted out.

The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. The main plot has been resolved but we’re left wondering about Remy’s fate, and the fates of those poor zombified people, and weather or not Bobby will forgive him. Not to mention what Neferkariel really wants with Zack and what’s going on with that green-eyed cacodaimon.


There is torture and depictions of the aftermath of torture in this book, so if that’s not your thing, this might be one to avoid. I didn’t feel the torture scenes were torture porn , I thought they fit the plot and the book. Nevertheless, it was disturbing. So be warned.


I enjoyed The Resurrection Game and can’t wait for the next book in the Shadowside series.

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