Black Panther—Powerhouse Movie

Black Panther movie poster

Black Panther is a super hero film that follows T’Challa as he becomes king of Wakanda, a technologically advanced but severely secretive nation, and fights for his throne and with himself over what it means to be king.


Every frame of Black Panther is gorgeous, from the set designs to the costumes, to the special effects. And the fight scenes, can’t forget the fight scenes. The architecture of Wakanda in particular is stunning—you don’t see Afrofuturism much in Hollywood films. The underground scenes are nice too. But I think my favorite thing is all the shades of red of the Dora Milaje. The music is just perfect too.

2—Great Acting

The acting from all the actors was top-notch. I loved T-Challa’s accent, the pattern and cadence of it; Chadwick Boseman really brings life to his character. All the accents were great. I could mention all the actors, but I’ll let you check out the Wikipedia page (linked to above) rather than list all their names here. But every part, no matter how large or small, was well done, even the kids.


The plot was good, with plenty of twists and turns, even if T-Challa going off the waterfall was telegraphed. Seriously, as soon as you saw that thing, you knew he was going over. But I think my favorite part was the end, when T’Challa takes Killmonger to see the sunset. T’Challa is a good man to the last. The movie deals with themes of love and loyalty, justice and responsibility.


Black Panther deserves all the praise it gets. I look forward to a Director’s cut if we get one. Will definitely see the sequel when it comes out.

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