Coraline (the movie)—Spellbinding

Coraline movie poster

Coraline (yes, that’s spelled correctly) is the stop motion animated tale of a young girl who moves into the Pink Palace Apartments and finds a door to a magical world that’s more sinister than it first appears. Based on a book of the same name, by Neil Gaiman, it is one seriously creepy movie.


The “wonders” the Other Mother creates for Coraline are suitably spectacular, seeing as in-story there were created to be spectacles. Spink and Forcible’s musical and high-diving act with its scottie dog audience; Mr. Bobinsky’s Jumping Mouse Circus in the attic; and of course, the garden. Oh my, the garden. And of course all these wonders turn to horror in their time.

2—Visually Stunning

Every detail of this world had to be created, and every detail one could want is present. Details like dirty shower water falling to the snow in the the snow globes, and blooming flowers, and spiraling long-tailed mice. Everything is textured and feels real, because it is real. There’s a tangibility that’s almost impossible to achieve with purely computer generated effects. The camera work in this movie is also spectacular.

The music is unique and cool too.


The character expressions and movement, and the voice acting in Coraline are all very expressive. The animators and voice actors coordinated wonderfully to create an immersive emotional experience. The nuance of each performance is just splendid. I notice something new every time I watch it. Every character comes to life. Coraline in particular acts like a real kid would.


I loved Coraline when I first saw it in the theater, and I still love it just as much now. Everyone should see this movie.

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