The Lost Boys—My Favorite Vampire Movie

The Lost Boys movie poster
The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is about Michael, Sam, and their mother Lucy as they move in with their grandfather in Santa Carla, the “murder capital of world” as is says in spray paint on the back of the town’s entry billboard, and finds themselves the target of a nest of vampires.

1—Horror and Humor

The Lost Boys has the perfect balance of horror and humor so that neither overwhelms the other. The pacing is good, a slow build interspersed with people being pulled up screaming into the night sky. The showdown between the pairs of brothers (Sam and Michael joined by the vampire hunting Frog brothers) and the vampires is satisfying, while the very end of the movie is both unexpected and and the perfect ending note.

2—Visuals and Sound

The Lost Boys also has good cinematography and editing that enhances each scene. Each setting and its music perfectly evokes a mood. It is an unintentional period piece but that’s kind of part of the fun.


The brotherly moments between Michael and Sam are great—one of my favorites is when Michael is hanging out the window by the phone cord telling his mom to ignore Sam, who is screaming that Mike is coming to kill him, having just found out his brother is a vampire. Grandpa is an eccentric taxidermist. And Lucy is sweet as can be. Meanwhile the vampire ‘family’ of David, Paul, Dwayne, and Marko, have lots of fun—though it’s not so much fun for the people they kill.


As mentioned, this is my favorite vampire movie. I haven’t seen them all but I’ve seen a fair few, and The Lost Boys is unique, though others (including some sequels I’d advise you to skip) have tried to copy the dynamic. But yeah, I love this movie.

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