A Spoonful of Magic—A Kitchen Witch Comes Into Her Own

A Spoonful of Magic by Irene Radford book cover
A Spoonful of Magic by Irene Radford

A Spoonful of Magic, by Irene Radford, follows Daphne “Daffy” Deschants and her family as they realize they all have magic, and that Daffy’s ex-husband’s ex-wife wants to steal their son’s eyes to replace her own. I know that sounds like a dark story, but it’s actually pretty light, despite G’s visit to a morgue to identify a dead friend.

1—Life-Changing Events

Daffy is out with her husband G (short for Gabriel) on their anniversary dinner when she confronts him with photos of him with another woman and asks for a divorce. If that wasn’t enough, three young men jump out at her in the parking lot and attempt to mug her when G intervenes with magic and Daffy finds out her husband is a wizard. Not only that, but all their children are budding wizards as well. To top it all off, Daffy also has magic and is now part of a hidden community.

2—Points of View

A Spoonful of Magic is told from several points of view, primarily Daffy’s told in first person, but also her ex-husband G’s and their son Jason’s, told in third person. It was unexpected but I wasn’t ever confused, so I’d say this switching up was successful.


There were a lot of characters in this book, not including the Deschants family, which includes two younger sisters, Belle and Shara. There’s Jason’t friend Tiffany from ballet, and her father Ted who’s a potential love interest for Daffy now that she’s single. There’s Gayla, Daffy’s best friend and business partner. There’s Jason’s friend-turned-enemy BJ and his politically-minded would-be-witch-burning parents. There’s John Mooney, the other potential love interest for Daffy and part of her new magical community. And of course, there’s G’s ex-wife and Jason’s birth mother, the insane and murderous D’Accore. And more.


I enjoyed A Spoonful of Magic, but I wasn’t hungry for it. Partly this is due to depression so I don’t know yet if I’ll pick up the sequel when it comes out, assuming there is one. I suppose it’ll depend on how interesting the description is.

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