Overly Sarcastic Productions—History, Myths, and All Kinds of Good Stuff

Overly Sarcastic Productions
Overly Sarcastic Productions

Overly Sarcastic Productions is a simply animated Youtube channel hosted by Red and Blue, who recap classic literature—like the Iliad and Beowulf and Paradise Lost—Shakespeare, legends and myths, and history in an informative and amusing way.

1—Trope Talks!

The first playlist I went through is Red’s Trope Talks! These are videos where Red talks tropes. Though she references Tvtropes.org on occasion, I don’t believe she’s affiliated with them. One of my favorite of these videos is Red’s take on Romantic Subplots—I totally agree with all her points. She also talks beginnings, Evil Empires, Paragons, the Five Man Band, and the Power of Friendship, to name a few. As of this writing, there are twenty-two videos in the Trope Talks! playlist. I plan to watch them all again when I get through the rest of Red and Blue’s videos, which currently number about two hundred.


This one is hosted by Blue, and in it he talks about…whatever. Plato’s Republic, Machiavelli, epic poetry and how it relates to jazz, Roman history, basically whatever he’s interested in that doesn’t quite fit into any of the other categories. I am currently on podcast seven of fourteen (again, as of this writing) and look forward to the rest.

3—Halloween Specials

There are three (at time of writing that I can find) Halloween Specials, on Dracula and on Frankenstein—they are found in the Classics Summarized playlist—and one on Edgar Allan Poe in the Red’s Videos playlist. They are both awesome and Red draws herself with horns and a cool cloak for them. I am (when I can dig them out) going to reread both books.


It takes some attention to get everything out of these videos. I find myself pausing to read the text and then rewinding to really get a point. But it’s all a lot of fun if you’re into this kind of thing, examining stories and whatnot. And I absolutely love both Red’s and Blue’s commentaries on the things they review.

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