Mamma Mia!—Strange and Silly

Mamma Mia! movie poster
Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is a musical romantic comedy utilizing the songs of ABBA. It follows Sophie as she tries to discover which of three men is her father so that one of them can give her away at her wedding.

1—The Plot

The plot is a little convoluted. After finding her mother’s diary from the summer during which she was conceived, Sophie invites all her potential fathers—Sam, Harry, and Bill—to her wedding without informing her mother Donna. When the men coincidentally arrive at Kalokairi together, Sophie must explain to them that they weren’t in fact invited by Donna, and also can’t tell her that Sophie invited them to the island. Donna’s two best friends also arrive on the island. From there…it gets hard to explain. There are further misunderstandings and secrets kept, and love affairs, and it’s all set to music.

2—The Music

The music is fun and pop-y, dramatic and over the top. It liked it. The songs well embody the moments in the plot, as they should since the original musical play was written around them. And there’s a nice bookending using the same song at the begging and the end of the plot. After the plot, during the credits, there are a couple more songs performed by the main cast dressed up in gloriously shiny and glittery stage outfits.

3—The Setting

The Greek island of Kalokairi, which I believe is fictional, is beautiful. Blue-blue waters, white rock, lush vegetation. And the Villa Donna hotel is rustically charming, even though it’s falling apart.


Mamma Mia! is pure fluff despite all the high emotion. It ends with everybody in love and was a fun way to kill a couple hours.

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