Comfort Food Shows

The book I’m reading is particularly long and I’m not in the mood for any movies (depression is a bitch), so I thought I’d share some of my ‘comfort food’ shows—some of which are actually about food.

1—Halloween Cooking Competition Shows

Halloween Baking Championship, Haunted Gingerbread Showdown, and Halloween Wars all air on Food Network and all are competition shows. In Halloween Baking Championship, individual bakers compete and one gets eliminated each week until there are only three left in the final episode. In Haunted Gingerbread Showdown, the contestants are in teams of a primary baker and their assistant, and they are allowed to bake their pieces ahead of time in their own kitchens, then ship the pieces to the studio where they must assemble their pieces. Halloween Wars is my favorite, where teams of three—a pumpkin carver, a sugar artist, and a cake artist—create creepy scenes utilizing all three of their mediums together.

2—Good Eats and Good Eats: Reloaded

Good Eats is one of my all-time favorite cooking shows—informative as well as imaginative (though the first two seasons are shorter on the storytelling than the rest), the show goes into the history and science of dishes as well as having really good recipes. Reruns air on Cooking Channel. In Good Eats: Reloaded, which just started, and also airs on Cooking Channel, the host, Alton Brown, revisits some of his favorite episodes to update them. The first episode just aired last Monday at time of this typing. Also, Mr. Brown said that there will be new episodes of Good Eats coming up in future, so I’m stoked.

3—Golden Girls

Golden Girls is an oldie but a goodie, with reruns airing on several channels. Started in the 80s, the sitcom follows four middle-aged/elderly housemates—slutty (no judgment, that’s what she gets called in-show) Blanche, ditzy Rose, sarcastic Dorothy and her equally sarcastic storyteller mother Sophia. The show rests on the chemistry between the four women as they deal with life, love, and cheesecake. The show ends well, with a satisfying yet bitter-sweet ending.

4—House Renovation/Hunting Shows

The two primary shows I’ve been watching in this vein are Property Brothers—where twins Drew and Jonathan take prospective home buyers through several houses that need renovation, and then Jonathan does the renovation—and Property Brothers: Buying and Selling—where Drew and Jonathan fix up the house the people are currently living in so they get enough money out of it to buy a new one, which Drew shows them. It’s fun seeing the before and afters of the houses, and the brothers have good working chemistry. Both shows air on HGTV.


So these are the shows I’ve been watching lately rather than shows with a more overarching story. Like I said, I’ve been fighting with depression lately, and these are some of the shows I go to. I hope you might find some of them interesting as well.

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