More Tangential Links

These are some of my favorite writing advice blogs.

1—Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University is a great place to get writing advice, with a nice list of subjects in the lefthand column, as well as a list of most popular posts. There are plenty of guest posts, and she also does a mini-series called Real Life Diagnostics where she diagnoses a real work in progress and answers the submitter’s questions.

2—Jami Gold’s Blog

Jamie Gold’s blog is another place to get great writing advice, also with plenty of guest posts. I admit I haven’t kept up on this one, but I’m going to try—she updates very frequently.

3—Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Kristen Lamb’s blog is yet another great place to get writing advice, as well as advice on social media, “platform,” and self-branding. This one updates sporadically, but it’s always worth checking for a new post. She also offers classes on various subjects.


Hope you enjoyed and found these links useful if you’re interested in writing. Happy NaNoWriMo!

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