Constantine (2005 Movie)—Not As Deep As It Wants to Be

Constantine movie poster

Constantine follows John Constantine as he tries to prevent the son of the Devil from using the Spear of Destiny to break into and overwhelm our world. Based on the DC/Vertigo comics series Hellblazer.

1—Half-Angels and Half-Demons

God and the Devil have a bet going for the souls of humanity. This means no direct interference from either side, just influencers whispering in peoples’s ears. When half-demons break the rules, John Constantine is there to send them back to Hell, a place with which he has personal experience, having committed suicide as a child and died for two minutes. John also performs exorcisms on possessed people.


The Spear of Destiny is one of the keys that will let the son of the Devil cross over into our world and take over. The other is possessing a powerful psychic, like Isabel Dodson, who commits suicide before that can happen. Enter her twin sister Angela, a cop, who comes to Constantine seeking the truth about what happened. Meanwhile, an unnamed man travels to the city, bearing the spear of destiny.

3—Special Effects

The special effects in the movie were great. Lots of big and small moments of drama. Hell in particular is a place of rust and decay in a never-ending wind.


It’s not that Constantine was bad—it was pretty good—it’s just that I felt that they could’ve done more with it. For instance, I liked the tv series better. I do dislike the portrayal of suicide as a damnable offense though. Suicidal people need support and understanding, not condemnation. Other than that, it was a pretty fun movie.

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