Hellboy (2004 Movie)—Over the Top

Hellboy (2004) movie poster
Hellboy (2004)

Hellboy, based on the comic book series of the same name, and directed by Guillermo del Toro, follows the titular character as he tries to save the world from Nazis and Rasputin, who are trying to summon eldritch abominations to bring about the apocalypse.


In 1944, Nazis open a portal to another dimension off the coast of Scotland, led by Rasputin. They’re foiled by Allied soldiers and young scientist who’s also versed in the occult. Before destroying the portal though, something gets through—a baby demon, whom the group dub Hellboy.

Hellboy in the present is part of the BRPD (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense), an offshoot of the FBI. When things go bump in the night, they bump back, as newly minted Agent John Myers is about to find out.

2—Featured Creatures

There’s Hellboy himself, tall and red, with his skin covered in whorls, with filed down horns on his head. The makeup does a good job at letting the actor inside emote. The same with Abe Sapien, the aquatic member of the team. There’s also the bad guys, starting with Hitler’s assassin (there’s no way I’m trying to spell his name), the immortal half-clockwork man. Then there’s the Sammael monsters, which are freaky as well as a great marriage of actor, puppetry, and digital effects. And there’s the god-monster thing at the end of the movie, also freaky and well-designed, all tentacles.

3—The Love Triangle

I didn’t notice the love triangle the first time I watched Hellboy—Myers’s attraction to Liz is underplayed and I’m rather oblivious to those kinds of things. The attraction seems mostly superficial because it’s just based on Liz being pretty (he’s only known her a short time). Whereas Hellboy’s feelings come off more genuine and based on a long history together. All in all though, the love triangle doesn’t interfere with the movie too much, which I’m glad of. And while we get some scenes of Hellboy being jealous and stalking the prospective couple, he manages not to come off as too horrible, despite throwing a rock at Myers.


Hellboy was over the top and fun, with great effects and a decent plot.

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